Alternatives to Hartl’s Rails Tutorial?

This is going to sound like blasphemy here, but I can't stand this resource. I have a junior/mid level developer job, and leveling up my rails knowledge would help my career.

I just don't learn well at all by copying code. I'm on my third attempt to complete the Hartl tutorial in 2 years, and by chapter 10 or so I'm ready to smash my face in. None of the information really sticks. I've been dabbling in the Odin Project, and there assignments are generally more interactive, which is a huge plus. However, when it's "go back to Hartl's tutorial and model this next app after that..." I go back to smashing my face in.

Essentially, I've poisoned the Hartl well for for myself. I'm trying to talk myself out of spending another whole Saturday mindlessly following the tutorial just so I can say that I finished it. Am I crazy?

Is there a better way? I've seen some similar posts asking for resources, but maybe something that is less dated than the Railscasts is out there. Anybody have a project based learning path or some other more interactive learning rails approach?

Sorry for the rant. I would still recommend Hartl to anyone looking to start with Rails.

4 thoughts on “Alternatives to Hartl’s Rails Tutorial?”

  1. I learned a lot when trying to build my own projects. Because when you encounter some feature you need to build for the first time, you would google info about it and learn in the process

  2. Very late to the party here, but if you’re still looking for resources, my Semicolon&Sons screencasts take a slightly different approach to the others mentioned, in that the videos are set inside a real production app. This is helpful is you learn better by seeing the big picture, by knowing the “why” before knowing the “how”. I’m an indie-hacker by tradeā€”in fact I make my living from the the web-app featured in the screencasts , so it’s good honest code.

    Google or check my profile if you want a link


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