Early access program for Ruby on Rails + DevOps training


we are a very early stage startup working towards making learning more feasible and integrated for working professionals who wants to keep up with the changing pace of technology and stand out among their peers. 

We believe that learning should be based on **practical relevance** at work, **emerging skill trends** in your field, **access to all the online resources** that are out there and much more. 

While we are working on a digital product that offers such a learning experience, we want to provide the same experience offline, personally. This is because we want to build a very user-centric product with the best user experience. To build such a digital product, we need understand the users’ needs and pain points a lot better and we want to gain that experience through you. We are offering this training for free so that you gain the skills you require and give us feedback during the process for us to improve.

With that said, we want to offer personalised training for you to advance your career in Ruby on Rails along with DevOps expertise. 

We will be in direct communication with you and provide you the resources that you will need to learn the skills you need to excel in these fields! You will have an expert available for your questions and a community of fellow learners to discuss on the topics. You will cover topics like Meta-programming, Redis, Money-patching, AWS, Terraform, CI/CD, Nginx, Kibana, SSL certificate management and much more.

Take a look at the offering and join us if you think you would benefit from these. 


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