Docker Beginner’s Cheatsheet

Hi everyone,

Whilst learning Docker myself, I created the following cheatsheet containing the key concepts and commands that one may have trouble remembering when first learning Docker:


Feedback and comments are welcome and appreciated.

8 thoughts on “Docker Beginner’s Cheatsheet”

  1. I’m pretty new to this. Pardon the questions if these are ignorant.

    If using Kubernetes, would we require to interact directly with the Docker via CLI? Or would interactions be via the kubectl CLI for Kubernetes?

  2. Cheatsheet … but I don’t see any sheet … ?

    With a “cheatsheet” I would expect something you can print on one A4 or A3, and keep next to your computer.

  3. Stupid question vis-à-vis Docker Compose vs. Kubernetes. Since something like Compose can be used to ‘wire up’ a (multi-container) application together would one opt for Kubernetes for the value-additions on things like say ‘replication’ (i.e a service that monitors that there are *n* replicas of a ‘service’ always up), availability, scheduling of containers in a cluster et al.?

    Also, for docker-ized applications (which are ideally suited for stateless applications, if I am not mistaken) what are the best practices for dealing with ‘stateful’ aspects like say ‘volumes’ – do folks use certain systems/services that improve the reliability of the FS used for volumes, for instance… ?

  4. Looks like we both have the same way of working and taking notes! Looks exactly like my onenote notes! Thanks for sharing

  5. In many instances where I am making a custom docker image that I can’t completely define in a Dockerfile, I end up using the `docker commit` and `docker push`commands to freeze and push them up to dockerhub.


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