Django Deployments General Overview

Hi everyone,

i made a 8 min video about django deployment overview:


I plan to release next lessons which will detail topic into detail. The plan is following:

1. Nginx + gunicorn + django -configured with systemd on my local computer.
2. Splitting django into front-end and back-end - using setup 1.
3. Prepare VPS machine for deployment
4. Automating with ansible...
5. Automating with ansible and your own jenkins
6. Apache, uwsgi... there many things to discuss

What do you think ?

5 thoughts on “Django Deployments General Overview”

  1. It’s hard to find practical walkthroughs in these topics. if you can make it in written format even better. Keep up the good work!

  2. Oooh this come to the perfect time for me, I’ve been looking for days for stuff to help me deploy my website on a VPS, I’ll have look at your video!

    Yes a written version would also be appreciated!

    Could you/Will you plan a specific video on static and media files?


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