How to build a Tinder Clone in Ruby on Rails 6 [Part 3]

Hi guys, I posted here already about my video series on building a Tinder clone using Ruby on Rails 6. For those following along with the video series, I've just released a new video \[part 3\] on my YouTube channel. Hope you guys enjoy the video. I'm planning to release a part 4 within the next week, which should wrap everything up.

**Part 1:**

I cover setting up user accounts using the devise gem, add functionality for users to upload multiple photos to their account (image uploads using active storage, stored local in development environment and to Amazon S3 in production), then on the front end we build a slide show type interface where the user can click to filter through user profiles.


**Part 2:**

Added backend functionality for liking users and being liked back. Adding matching and display a list of accounts that we have matched with. Add a sidebar to show our profile image with links to our profile plus a list of matches underneath with a tab structure for Matches / Messages.


**Part 3:**

Create messaging functionality by introducing new Conversation and Message models. Build overlay feature that is shown when a matched profile is clicked. Load profile data and messages via ajax and update conversation window partial with response. Build out messaging functionality using form\_with and handle response in JS to update views.


**Part 4:**
Coming soon.

Part 4 will be released soon, in which I will complete the messaging styles and add some improvements to the matching code. I will also try to include loading / rotating between user images (before decided to like/dislike). Add ability to view more user info and decline a user so they don't reappear in the stack.

I'll post new web app builds on YouTube using Ruby on Rails so feel free to check out the channel and add some recommendations for upcoming builds.

5 thoughts on “How to build a Tinder Clone in Ruby on Rails 6 [Part 3]”

  1. Sorry if this is a stupid question, haven’t watched the videos yet but I really like the idea: Is this series focused more on beginners and showing them what’s possible and how one can quickly get from nothing to a working prototype in RoR, or are you also focusing on real life scenarios and for example explain that you could use feature A but for performance reasons you chose to go with feature B. Basically, is this targeted more towards beginners or can more experienced devs also learn a couple new things?

  2. Just had a look at the first video. I’m keen to try the project when I have time.

    One thing: Tinder is most famous as an app. Will you explain how to create an API so that mobile apps can be created?


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