Laravue – A beautiful dashboard for Laravel

Hi forks,

I would like to introduce my Laravel dashboard interface built by VueJS and ElementUI toolkit. Feel free to checkout and let me know what you think.

* [Demo](
* [Documentation]( (English/Vietnamese).
* [Github](
* [Screenshots](


- Login / Logout

- ACL - Access Control List
- Users management
- Roles and permissions management
- Directives for permission and role

- Global Features
- I18n
- Dynamic sidebar with ACL integration (supports multi-level routing)
- Dynamic breadcrumb
- Historical bar using Tags-view with right-click supported
- Svg Sprite
- Responsive Sidebar

- Editor
- Rich Text Editor
- Markdown Editor
- JSON Editor

- Excel
- Import/Export Excel
- Export zip
- Visualization Excel

- Table
- Dynamic Table
- Drag And Drop Table
- Tree Table
- Inline Edit Table

- Error Page
- 401
- 404

- Components
- Avatar Upload
- Back To Top
- SplitPane
- Dropzone
- Sticky
- BackToTop button
- CountTo
- Kanban board
- Draggable list
- Draggable popup dialog
- And more... (

- Advanced Example
- Dashboard
- Guide Page
- ECharts
- Clipboard
- Layout elements (Form, Tab, Icons...)

I greatly appreciate any feedback, comments, suggestions,... they absolutely make me and this library better. Thank you.

13 thoughts on “Laravue – A beautiful dashboard for Laravel”

  1. I’ve used this dashboard, customized it to my own liking. The documentation isn’t too thorough but if you know enough about vue, vuex, vue router and laravel, you can find yourself around. Would definitely recommend anyone to try this

  2. This looks really nice and well planned out. I’ve been looking for a good alternative to my usual Tabler or CoreUI, I’ll give this one a shot.

  3. Played around with it last night. Looks really good.

    Documentation, as pointed out earlier, is really lacking.
    I really wanted to be able to dive into the docs, to find out how to add and remove stuff 🙂

  4. I really like this but my hesitation comes from a few things, first I’d like to see separation from laravel, where laravel is still the backend, but the Vue is all handled via API. That way I can provision frontend & backend servers based on load. Also removing some features as they’re not needed for my intended project. I may still use it though, looks great.


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