Full Infrastructure as Code with Terraform, Ansible and Docker Swarm

It's been 2 years that my team use Docker Swarm in production and for development. Throughout these years, I used Ansible and bash scripts to automate development environment creation and production provisioning and deployment.
I am really sad about the recent Docker news which is a synonym of death for Swarm 🙁 I think it's a really good choice for small deployments and thanks to its shallow learning curve, I think it's a better candidate to spread the DevOps mindset in a team.

Anyway, I wanted to open-source our setup because it's a good DevOps and Infrastructure as Code example, and I hope it will be useful or inspiring for some teams.


It's my first open-source project, so your feedback will be really appreciated!!

5 thoughts on “Full Infrastructure as Code with Terraform, Ansible and Docker Swarm”

  1. Hey, cool! I will take a look at it since life put DevOps tasks in my desk and I had to dig in and learn. While I don’t want to take that path in full I love the huge universe of tools and different solutions for the same problem, and overall it’s a nice set of skills to add to the resume.

    I never got to see/understand Ansible, Terraform, Pupet, etc. but always been curious. I’ve practically done things with Docker, Jenkins and connected/implemented others solutions like SonarQube, Artifactory or ELK Stack.

    What I think I’d like to know more in this area is Nix and NixOps.

  2. Could you elaborate on how docker swarm is “dying”? I’ve read the docker Enterprise has been aquired by mirantis, but I’m struggling finding a connection to them “killing” docker swarm. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.


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