Build a Tinder Clone in Ruby on Rails 6

Hi guys, I've just released a new video on building a Tinder clone in Ruby on Rails 6 on my YouTube channel where I mostly post rails content. I figured it would be worth sharing it here for others.

**Video Summary:**

I cover setting up user accounts using the devise gem, add functionality for users to upload multiple photos to their account (image uploads using active storage, stored local in development environment and to Amazon S3 in production), then on the front end we build a slide show type interface where the user can click to filter through user profiles.


I'm planning to launch a Part 2 in the next few days where I will finish the matching and add messaging functionality between matched accounts.

I'll post new web app builds on YouTube using Ruby on Rails so feel free to check out the channel and add some recommendations for upcoming builds.

Thanks 🙂

2 thoughts on “Build a Tinder Clone in Ruby on Rails 6”

  1. Nice.

    My only gripe is with active storage/.. still no way (built in) to confirm the file type… ie, people can upload zips or whatever instead of requireing jpeg, jpf, png…


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