10 thoughts on “Dockercraft – Minecraft docker client”

  1. Sorry I’m confused, is this a server or a client? Looks like you’re spinning up a dedicated server. Also wondering g why the Docker socket needs to be mounted?

    EDIT: hahahaha I didn’t watch enough of the video. Holy shit

  2. Heh, I made one of these once to do web server deploys. Could start/stop with the lever and monitor health checks with Redstone. Had user traffic trigger a sheep dispenser, so we could visualize user activity as they floated down a stream.

    Also had a release pipeline visualized as an animal pushed down a minecart track… when the release engineer and deploy engineer hit separate buttons simultaneously, to prevent unauthorized deploys to prod. I couldn’t get the rollback redstone circuitry coordinated enough to redeploy the last animal installed, though, so I gave up there.


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