Visual cheat sheet for Laravel artisan

I noticed the lack of a visual cheat sheet for Laravel artisan, so created below myself. The hardest part was optimize the layout to fit standard poster size. Additionally I've tried to stay true to the Laravel branding. Things can further be optimized by re-ordering the boxes, but then the commands wouldn't be ordered alphabetically any more.

The poster is automatically generated reading in the XML that Laravel artisan spits out, this means new commands can easily be added, the layout will adjust itself.

Let me know how you like the layout/colors/structure and how you would use this cheat sheet (print? or web only?). Also point me to other Laravel cheat sheets you are using.

11 thoughts on “Visual cheat sheet for Laravel artisan”

  1. Don’t really see the need for this. You have the right idea by keeping it alphabetical but a single column alphabetical list would be much easier to scan through, which happens to be exactly how `php artisan list` shows everything.

  2. I have seen a lot of Laravel application, but not once I saw auth:clear-resets used. Has anyone seen this ever scheduled or used? Legit question. IMHO this should be a default command scheduled in Scheduler.

  3. For me the grey part would be better if it had the flags listed, at least the most common flags, as the grey subtext is pretty much descriptive of the command itself – I think the framework does a good job with names and verbs. Also, there is a ton of whitespace (i.e. key:generate – a command that is usually used once . . . takes up a lot of space, same for app:name). I would use that space for the flags of the more commonly used commands.

  4. I would use a printout, but the commands ain’t the problem. It’s the parameters.

    I often forget how to specify flags that I need or give a name for the new item. That syntax is what’s annoying to retrieve each time. The `php artisan help make:model` is not handy because I can’t press up and add the parameters, I have to go inbetween to delete `help`.

  5. Correct me if I’m wrong but, doesn’t “`php artisan list “` do basically this, so I can check it out any time in the command line rather than going to this picture every time..


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