Build a REAL ESTATE / PROPERTY APP in Ruby on Rails 6 [Part 3]

Hi guys, a couple of weeks ago I created a new video on building a Real Estate / Property Listing platform in Ruby on Rails 6 and shared it here. I've finally gotten some time to publish part 3. Hopefully this is helpful to some of you guys.

**Part 1**: setup user accounts using the devise gem, add functionality for users to create a property listing (image upload using carrierwave gem to Amazon S3), then on the front end we build a latest properties widget and property profile view.


**Part 2**: create an attractive property profile showing a see more/see less property details section, agent profile picture and company, related properties from that agent, responsive design and more.


**Part 3:** on property profile we'll add a click to view telephone number, a modal contact form to contact the agent and a google map that is generated from the properties address


I'll be posting new web app builds on YouTube using Ruby on Rails so feel free to check out the channel and add some recommendations for upcoming builds.

Thanks 🙂

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  1. This is so cool and educational. Would there be a part 4 please? Also can we download the code and experiment? very nice job, thank you


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