Best sources to learn Ruby on Rails with good exercises and detailed answers?

I'm a fresh graduated Computer Science major. I'm confident with my C++ but my first job requires me to create a business manager on the web using Ruby on Rails. I just started learning Ruby 2 weeks ago and already got the basic. What is the best source so I can practice some exercises? I need the answers to compare with my solution. Price doesn't matter as the company will pay for the price.

I'm debating within these sources:

Michael Hartl, Ruby on Rails Tutorials, a lot of people recommend this guide for me. I haven't tried but it seems good. Not sure if it provides detailed answers.


Cousera by Johns Hopkin. Pretty good, but grading takes forever, and no good solution.


Odin Project. I think it is a good guide. However, I also feel lost and I don't think this is for me


It would be great if someone can help me pick the best out of these three or at least give me a good comparison. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Working through the Ruby on Rails tutorial was one of the best things I did early on to learn programming. Well written, pretty well maintained, incredibly informative, utterly free.

    Even the code challenges, the answers to which are part of the paid package, are usually covered in the next chapter.

    The tutorial also covers how to create an email & password based login system from scratch, with password recovery and the option to log in automatically with cookies. You’ll see a lot of advice to not ever roll your own authentication, and that might be good advice, but so many tutorials don’t cover it and just rely on a pre-rolled auth gem or something. Knowing how one of these systems is built from scratch is I think invaluable in the long term.

    It also covers git (to a very small extent) and testing. Again, this is invaluable going forward and something most tutorials ignore entirely.

    I’d start there.

    Pro tip: bookmark the single page version of the tutorial.

  2. just had a look at the odin project.


    some good content, but caution on using a tutorial designed for superceded versions and now obselete configuration methods.
    I’m surprised there is not more content out there. Seems to be hard to find anything up to date for less than a $/month tutorial service.

  3. encountered this after rails new myapp. just posting as example of traps out there. I previously has Rails 6.0.0 installed, downgraded in the hope I’d be able to complete tutorials written for 5.x.x versions. ugh. version hell. time to uninstall and start again from scratch.

    Rails 5.2.3

    ruby –version

    ruby 2.5.5p157 (2019-03-15 revision 67260) \[x86\_64-linux\]

    gem –version 3.0.6

    Post-install message from chromedriver-helper:


    | |

    | NOTICE: chromedriver-helper is deprecated after 2019-03-31. |

    | |

    | Please update to use the ‘webdrivers’ gem instead. |

    | See []( |

    | |


    Post-install message from sass:

    Ruby Sass has reached end-of-life and should no longer be used.

    \* If you use Sass as a command-line tool, we recommend using Dart Sass, the new

    primary implementation: [](

    \* If you use Sass as a plug-in for a Ruby web framework, we recommend using the

    sassc gem: [](

    \* For more details, please refer to the Sass blog:


    run bundle exec spring binstub –all

    \* bin/rake: Spring inserted

    \* bin/rails: Spring inserted


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