Building a Craigslist Clone in Ruby on Rails 6 [Walkthrough]

Hey guys, this may be helpful to anyone learning Ruby on Rails. I've recently started creating and sharing Rails content on YouTube. I've created a 2 part video walkthrough of building a Craigslist clone in Rails 6. This started out (part 1) as a 30 minute coding challenge but afterwards I got some direct requests to add additional styling so I created a part 2 which includes UI/UX improvements, reply to post feature and SEO friendly URLs.

My goal is to build a collection of minimum viable products based on some top name platforms like Instagram / Craigslist / Airbnb.

Feel free to drop me some suggestions and feedback for future videos:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Note: I already create and sell startup related content on my website (small side income) and having worked for various startups I figured I could create and share some of what I've learned in the process via YouTube. Developers can learn for free on YouTube while businesses can buy the code to kickstart a new venture via my website.

Hopefully this is useful to someone 🙂

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