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Dear Ruby community,
I just finished rewriting [my API on Rails book](https://leanpub.com/apionrails6) for the brand new version of Rails 6 released last Friday. This book discusses best practices for building a scalable API with Rails 6.
I didn't just adapt the content, but I also chose to simplify some examples and use tools that seem more current to me, such as:
\- authentication tokens with JWT
\- compliance with JSON:API specifications
\- unit and functional tests with Minitest instead of Rspec
It took a lot of work on my part, so don't hesitate to [take a look at Leanpub](https://leanpub.com/apionrails6). The book is also available in open-source on Github so feel free to fork and suggest improvements.
Thank you for reading.

5 thoughts on “API on Rails 6”

  1. Just one question: is deserialization also talked about?

    I haven’t found a stable gem that does both serialization and deserialization.

  2. Edit 2: You can ignore what I wrote down here because I think I found your issue. I am just comparing your Rails 5 book with the Rails 6 one and I don’t know what you did but everything is fucked up there. The Rails 5 one looks good an makes sense but Rails 6 has the problems that I mentioned down here. In that case I’m sorry for what I said down there since this was definitely not your intention but you should fix this asap. There are so many missing sections that the book is impossible to be read right now.

    I bought your book on Leanpub and I’m sorry to say this, but this book is really not well-made. I’m just at page 24 and there have already been a dozen writing errors. And I’m not talking about some “bad english” kind of errors, I’m talking about straight up missing words, typos that every autocorrect would have caught and sentences that seem to be frankensteined together with the help of some online articles. This is already really annoying but I can live with that. What’s not cool at all and shows that you didn’t put any effort whatsoever into this is the progression and the completeness of the book. Right on page 16 you start with a git command that doesn’t work because we have never set any tags. Not only does it not work, it doesn’t even make sense to use this command right in the beginning. On page 22 you make a git commit that doesn’t do anything because we haven’t changed any files since the last commit. But the worst offender until now is page 24 where you suddenly display a “Your file should now look like this” section even though it doesn’t even look close to what we have build the pages before.

    Again, I’m sorry. I’m probably still continuing with this book since I already bought it but I would not advise anyone to spend money on it in its current state.

    Edit: I’m continuing the book right now and wow this actually gets worse. On page 24 we now create a folder that we have already created 2 pages prior and right before we create this you actually just copy and pasted an entire section onto the page and added one new sentence to it. After that you bring in new code without really explaining what it does. I didn’t want to but as the book continues to get worse I’m going to refund it. I don’t want to support something that just feels like a quick money grab.


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