I’m building popular platforms in Ruby on Rails on YouTube

Hi guys, I've been working with Ruby on Rails for a few years now and used it to build multiple startup companies. I've built SaaS platforms, marketplace platforms and online stores with a custom cart and Stripe / PayPal integration.

I've recently decided to share some of the things I've learned by building a series of MVP/Prototypes of household name applications like Instagram / Craigslist etc and code it on video and post on my YouTube channel.

If you are new to Rails or want to see how I approach building some of these projects then hopefully you will enjoy the content.


2 thoughts on “I’m building popular platforms in Ruby on Rails on YouTube”

  1. Cool, Im kinda new to rails and backend development. It’ll be helpful. Subscribed.
    Edit – I hope you’ll also include optimizations that a huge app needs at scale. Thanks.


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