Introducing Lazydocker, a terminal GUI for docker!

Hey guys, I just released Lazydocker, a terminal GUI for docker that you can use to speed up your local development!


Let me know what you think!

19 thoughts on “Introducing Lazydocker, a terminal GUI for docker!”

  1. I have not tried it yet but I fucking love that people are making terminal apps these days. So, thank you for that, at least.

  2. I’m not in a position to try this out right now, but this looks AMAZING! I’ll definitely be trying it later and throw it a star. Thanks for developing this!

  3. hey not bad, not bad at all! finally, a docker GUI that is actually useful, not like those GUI that exists only for you to search Docker Hub and deploy a container. I’m looking at you, Kitematic.

    Can I ask how did you come up with this idea and how did you code it? The GUI component that you used is really robust, it looked like ncurses to me but I’mn not sure. Does Golang has terminal bindings that can do this? 😮

  4. This looks really cool. I immediately tried it out. It is espacially cool that you show detailed information on the images installed. Like sizes for the different layers etc. That’s awesome. I haven’t seen something like that before. Thanks for sharing and keep on going! 🙂

  5. Looks awesome, will definitely try this first thing Monday morning! May even install it on some of our dev servers!

  6. can we run it via docker run?
    same like you do for docui

    $ docker run –rm -itv /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock skanehira/docui

  7. I read it as “Ladydocker” at first and had to check the sub.

    EDIT: This looks badass and I echo another commenter’s love of the resurgence of command-line applications.

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  9. Would it be possible to have a Scratch based container for the tool or does it require Git and xdg-utils to work as it is in current Dockerfile?

    I’m about to do a fork and add ARM support too for the Docker image 🙂


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