Looking for feedback for my notification aggregator chrome extension

Hey all, I've been working quite some time on [https://notyfy.co](https://notyfy.co). Before I get to the next phase, I'd like to gather constructive feedback. It might look familiar if you know the "Chime" chrome extension that I loved using. But it stopped working 5 years ago. On top of it, it used chrome extension permissions I'd like to prevent needing to use, e.g. reading cookies.


**What does it do:** It checks periodically your online platforms and tells you when you have new notifications and lists them all in one place

**Do I need to login for these services?** No. Notyfy automatically checks which online platforms you're logged in for.

**What online platforms are available:**

* Gmail
* Facebook
* Reddit
* StackOverflow
* Medium
* Quora
* LinkedIn

**Site:** [https://notyfy.co/](https://notyfy.co/)


3 thoughts on “Looking for feedback for my notification aggregator chrome extension”

  1. That looks really neat. Thanks for sharing!

    It does just access the site in the background to fetch the notifications?

    Have you considered making it available for Firefox?

  2. Wow! That is something. I love making useful things like this that I know how to do. But for the life of me I cannot figure out how you access a site’s data using only a cookie. I know Facebook requires an oauth token, and you have to register your “app”. This requires user intervention to allow the app access to their account. Are you behind the scenes opening a page, scraping the data and then closing the page?

    Edit: If this is for real, it would be a paradigm shift for me. Something I thought was impossible and never understood at all


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