Here is how to stop your most recent search result from appearing in the address bar.

The issue I am talking about
>When I use to type R into the address bar and press enter I would usually be taken to Reddit. Now if I type R in the address bar and press enter I get taken to the last thing I searched that started with the letter R.

Here is the fix:
>type chrome://flags/ in your address bar

>search for "Omnibox Google Drive Document suggestions" in the search bar on the chrome://flags/ page.

>disable "Omnibox Google Drive Document suggestions"

>relaunch chrome

Edit: If you can, make sure you express your dislike of this to Google. They have removed other flags in the past yet the change that flag presents is still enabled. I would not be surprised to one day see this issue spring back up, but next time there might not be a good solution.


34 thoughts on “Here is how to stop your most recent search result from appearing in the address bar.”

  1. Just logged in to upvote this.

    This morning I disabled every omnibox option in chrome://flags that made sense to me and so I missed this one xD

  2. Thank you so much sir! Came to this subreddit only to find a solution to this problem. I wonder why Google implemented it because it seems more of an inconvenience for most people.

  3. Please note that this flag is due to expire in the next release of chrome 76, this is the incorrect flag for this behaviour, try doing chrome://restart

  4. Surprised this isn’t more popular, because this change is prettyyy bad. I’ve been alt + deleting pretty much all of my suggestions and it’s been… annoying. Thank you so much!

  5. THANK GOD there exists a fix, why would anyone even think prioritizing search results would be helpful?

    There is not a single universe in which I would find that to be useful to a single person.


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