I wrote a tool to debug docker container more easily

Hey guys, I wrote a docker cli tool named docker-debug to help debugging docker container.

`docker-debug` runs a new container(the "debug container") in the running container. The new container will join the `pid`, `network`, `user`, `filesystem` and `ipc` namespaces of the target container, so you can use arbitrary trouble-shooting tools without pre-install them in your production container image.

Project link: [docker-debug](https://github.com/zeromake/docker-debug). In addition, I am new to opensource and I really need advices and feedbacks from you guys! Feel free to post a question or PM me if you get in trouble when trying the project. Criticism is always welcome, too

5 thoughts on “I wrote a tool to debug docker container more easily”

  1. I often end up execing into nonprod containers, apt getting debugging tools, and going from there.

    This will be very useful!

  2. Could you use this to debug processes running inside the container, too?

    Edit: I mean inside the production container, not the new debug container.

  3. Sounds interesting…

    Some examples of the usage (what kind of debugging and what kind of debugging tools) would be great.

  4. Yooo this looks sweet. I would love to see this made kubernetes aware so you can target a pod and it just jumps on the right machine and pops you into a running pod.


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