I got the job!

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to share that a few weeks ago I asked a [question](https://www.reddit.com/r/rails/comments/b4byg2/hey_everyone_can_you_help_me_with_a_mistery_here_d/) here regarding a job test I got for that weekend. I got some answers from the awesome community and I could keep going with my test. Last week the company called me for an onsite interview and while I got super nervous and kinda forgot how to code super basic stuff I could still straight myself out for the rest of the interview and at the end it stopped feeling like an interview and it was more like a nice chat with awesome devs and a CTO which I'm fully aware each of them know their rails at least 10x better than me.

Anyways. I though everything was lost since I got super nervous on the live coding part. But yesterday this company's CTO called me and made an offer! So two weeks from now I'll start a new life as a FullStack Developer strongly focused on Rails!

Just wanted to thank you for helping out and hopefully I'll be around a lot more time since I'm officially a Rails dev!

TLDR: QA tester lands a Rails job after failing to become a programmer long enough, life's good!

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  1. Congratulations, I started working in Rails a few months ago and there are some really good tutorials out there that I would suggest reviewing before starting the job.. Pluralsite has a good one I went through and there are multiple on youtube as well. Good luck!

  2. Wow you’re living the dream! Do you know about how many hours you put in? Im at around hour 400 now (I know time is secondary to learning/building/writing good code) but several redditors said it took them ~1000 hours to get hired. If you would share more details about your learning journey I’d love to know! Im QA also learning ruby/rails! Im wasting my opportunity to benefit from working “adjacent” to devs (except i do skim/read most code I test)


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