netdata, the open-source real-time performance and health monitoring, released v1.13 !

Hi all,

We just released **netdata v1.13** !

This release contains 14 bug fixes and 8 improvements

> Netdata has taken the first step into the world of Kubernetes, with a beta version of a Helm chart for deployment to a k8s cluster and proper naming of the cgroup containers. We have big plans for Kubernetes, so stay tuned!

A major refactoring of the python.d plugin has resulted in a dramatic decrease of the required memory, making netdata even more resource efficient.
We also added charts for IPC shared memory segments and total memory used.


- **Kubernetes**: Helm chart ( and proper cgroup naming
- **python.d.plugin**: Reduce memory usage with separate process for initial module checking and loaders cleanup
- **IPC shared memory charts**
- **mysql module add ssl connection support**
- **FreeIPMI**: Have the debug option apply the internal freeipmi debug flags
- **Prometheus backend**: Support legacy metric names for source=avg
- **Registry**: Allow deleting the host we are looking at
- **SpigotMC**: Use regexes for parsing.

Bug Fixes:

- **Postgres**: fix connection issues
- **Proxmox container**: Fix cgroup naming and use total_* memory counters for cgroups
- **proc.plugin and plugins.d**: Fix memory leaks
- **SpigotMC**: Fix UnicodeDecodeError and py2 compatibility fix
- **Fix non-obsolete dimension deletion**
- **UI**: Fix incorrect icon for the streaming master
- **Docker container names**: Retry renaming when a name is not found
- **apps.plugin**: Don’t send zeroes for empty process groups
- **go.d.plugin**: Correct sha256sum check
- **Unbound module**: Documentation corrected with troubleshooting section.
- **Streaming**: Prevent UI issues upon GUID duplication between master and slave netdata instances
- **Linux power supply module**: Fix missing zero dimensions
- **Minor fixes around plugin_directories initialization**


[Check the release log at github](

If you are new to netdata, [check a few live demos at its home page]( and the [project home at github](

Netdata is FOSS (Free Open Source Software), released under GPLv3+.

> Enjoy real-time performance and health monitoring!

2 thoughts on “netdata, the open-source real-time performance and health monitoring, released v1.13 !”

  1. Me: “Nice, Kubernetes compatibility!”

    Me: *sees that only a helm package is provided with no care to a real deployment template for non-Helm users*

    Me: “Well, it looked promising. To bad it doesn’t give a shit about non-Helm users.”


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