8 thoughts on “Back to Traefik 2.0”

  1. That was a really nice blogpost and overview about the 2.0 release.

    I’ve been using nginx, particularly with nginx-proxy docker container with docker-compose which made it easy to route different domains/subdomains to specific containers and sort out a LetsEncrypt cert automatically for each along with renewing.

    I can see that Traefik docs seem to support this functionality natively (not sure about the feature parity to nginx/nginx-proxy for a reverse-proxy/load-balancer), doesn’t seem to be clear if that supports automatic renewal though?

    Anyone more familiar with Traefik able to chime in about such? And from your experience with Traefik and what changes 2.0 is bringing, is there going to be much migration work? If there is, then perhaps I should wait until the 2.0 release until I migrate from nginx.


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