The Missing Introduction To Containerization

During the last four years from 2015 to 2019, cloud and distributed computing were one of the most in-demand skills. They graduated from a niche skillset to a more prominent skillset in the global workforce. Containerization technologies are one of the trendiest topics in the cloud economy and the IT ecosystem. The container ecosystem can be confusing at times, this post may help you understand some confusing concepts about Docker and containers. We are also going to see how the containerization ecosystem evolved and the state of containerization inĀ 2019.

[The Missing Introduction To Containerization](

5 thoughts on “The Missing Introduction To Containerization”

  1. The title would seem to indicate that this information wasn’t previously available however it contains no new information.

  2. Man, I hate it when people write it’s Oracle and not Sun, because let’s not kid ourselves only innovations Oracle makes in ‘business models’.

  3. You know what is crazy, I was working at Sun with Solaris and xVM when VMware was first starting out. I remember we were trying to work with the new OVF format as that was the way forward. Solaris didnt have it implemented. I was part of a team that literally built an internal cloud before VMware had vSphere. It was an experiment, we had a simple rest API (even back then), we had physical hardware servers, and a back end system that kept track of the hardware. The API call would specify the cpus, ram, and HD space. The back end created an xVM in that size and spun it up. It worked. We didnt have anything like images and such today, but we at least had the ability to see via an API the available servers, and specify one to use for a VM.

    What blows my mind is why the hell Sun gave up on the idea. Amazon was just starting out as well, and Sun had a huge data center in Vegas ready to be used. Then Oracle bought them, and it all disappeared. Sun could have been where Amazon is today had the executives at the top had the vision some of us had who were working on the project.


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