Questions about ruby

Hey all

I will be looking to apply to some universities at the end of the year and wanted to start a future in computer science before hand, I think my picks so far will be computer science and business related, My goals are mainly to start my own company and run a "SaaS" company, From my research Ruby & Rails seem like a great fit, Boasts scaling, Quick prototyping and some ease of learning so it seems like a good fit.

What I want to know about is what I can't do with ruby, As a starter language this seems perfect for me (The course on Udemy I am looking at also does basic HTML CSS stuff too) the kinds of things I want to build are listed below, I'd like to know if these are possible or will I need to learn more languages to build things like these.

Support - Zendesk, Freshdesk - User signs up and has their own chat, email and support knowledge base under their own sub domain

Chat -, intercom, Customerly - Add live chat widgets to end user sites

Social media stuff - Like using instagram and Facebook API to post or track analytics

I'm sorry if these are dumb questions or I'm not making too much sense, The TL;DR version is basically can ruby and rails build sites like this, My goal is to learn a Ruby on Rails and try build a startup tech company

The only way I know I'll be able to stick to my goal of learning it this year is if I know it's contributing to the things I want to do in future.


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