I Developed TUI tool for Docker.

Hello Everyone.

I developed TUI tool for Docker.

If you interested, please read this and use it.


I'm waiting for your impressions.

Thank you.

18 thoughts on “I Developed TUI tool for Docker.”

  1. the name seems a bit off, is is not an ui about something related to a documentation (doc abreviation).

    regarding the production I don’t know any real world use case for this. if I use a terminal, i’ll use the CLI, otherwise portainer does a nice job for a web interface to docker

  2. You should have called it docker-top. But the ability to create and stuff kind of breaks the mold to call it that. Neat contribution. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Going to test this thoroughly later.

    Wondering if there is possibility to make a configuration file, that I could bookmark docker images. So it would be even easier to manage own settings etc.


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