Tutorial: Cheap Docker-server with autodeploy (Gitlab), automatic SSL (Let’s Encrypt) and Docker-Compose

A tutorial on how to create a small server, docker and docker-compose: [https://ikbendirk.nl/posts/docker-compose-cheap-server-with-autodeploy-gitlab](https://ikbendirk.nl/posts/docker-compose-cheap-server-with-autodeploy-gitlab)

6 thoughts on “Tutorial: Cheap Docker-server with autodeploy (Gitlab), automatic SSL (Let’s Encrypt) and Docker-Compose”

  1. Never heard about Scaleway as a cloud provider, but I noticed it is significantly cheaper than Digital Ocean and has more server options (especially ARM is cool). I’ll check it out!

  2. Thanks for the tutorial. What is the purpose of


    Why not just use $DEPLOYMENT\_LOCATION?

  3. >This DigitalOcean post provides a overview of things you can do to secure your new server.

    No linky to clicky?

    Found it meself, but still 😉

  4. I’m on a corporate network and normally access portals I make by going to IP:Port or ComputerName:Port. Is there a way to make traefik be useful still in this situation?

    I’m using docker swarm and I might have a website (let’s say pgadmin4 or a simple flask app) deployed on multiple servers. I’d like traffic to hit any of the servers but I am not sure how to go about it. I can edit my personal /etc/hosts file to point to the traefik Host rule, but I can’t expect my coworkers to do the same. Can I somehow force traefik to load balance all traffic aimed towards Servername:Port to the other servers as well? I don’t control any domain registration at work.


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