An alternative to Laravel Nova, say hi to Otter!

Hey everyone.

Recently I have been wondering why there wasn't an open-source alternative to Laravel Nova and I ended up making one. It's called Otter. This is my first package but hopefully it'll help the community with getting your back end up real quick.

Do check it out here: [](

Look forward to any feedback or feature requests that anyone may have. It's still in it's infancy so I'm sure there are bugs to be fixed and new features to be implemented.

7 thoughts on “An alternative to Laravel Nova, say hi to Otter!”

  1. >wondering why there wasn’t an open-source alternative to Laravel Nova

    Look here for other alternatives to Nova: [](

    I’ve used Backpack and Voyager in the past. Backpack gets closest to Nova in features and flexibility, but it’s still far. I’m looking forward to use Nova in the future.

    Otter look pretty good for start.

  2. I should mention here another alternative: Sharp ([](, which is quite mature now (current version is 4.0, and 4.1 is coming in the next 30 days), and is similar to Nova is some of its concepts—but is also older, and I think more flexible.

    I’m one of Sharp main developper: it’s an open source project, and my point here is just to show the diversity in this area and present alternatives.

    Otter looks great, and I will give it a try in the coming days.

  3. Thank you, I am currently evaluating a few Admin panel systems for Laravel to replace a WordPress install.

    The killer feature that I’m after is a repeating field. That would be, an array of fields of a specific type, such as an array of text fields. In the WordPress plugin Advanced Custom Fields, this is called a “repeater”.

    Does Otter have such a feature? That is, can an Admin on a site built using Otter add N text fields, i.e. an ingredient list where each ingredient is in a different text field?

    Thank you.


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