My second website using Django. My wife’s portfolio.

Hey guys.

Just wanted to get some feedback for my second project.

This time it is portfolio i made for my wife.


Some screenshots from admin:

[items in gallery are sortable by drag-and-drop.](

[For each item auto-thumbnail is generated unless user uploads their own thumbnail. I used image-kit for thumbnails. Extras are not visible in main gallery but only when lightbox is opened. This is achieved by utilizing lightcase.js category feature.](

[blog is simple. I only added preview for admin also included in image-kit.](

If you have any questions let me know.

Many thanks!

8 thoughts on “My second website using Django. My wife’s portfolio.”

  1. Good work. Looks great on mobile. I am just starting to learn Django myself. Hoping to be able to create something clean and simple like this in the next few months.

  2. Looks, awesome dude, I really love that you were able to keep the “illustrative” feel beyond the actual illustration.

    Literally, the only thing I could think that would offer an improvement is to have the box-shadows and translateY() to ease back down after you stop hovering over the picture and that’s not even a Django-related suggestion.

    Very nice work 🙂

  3. Nice cute website you made for your wife. I like the design. I’m also studying and learning python Django to be a full stack web dev as well as learning data science / machine learning so it seems we are on a similar path. Unfortunately I’m working in Data Analytics right now as I need to work to pay bills but I was unemployed studying Django and python for 10 months earlier this year. I’m also doing a career change to become a django dev. Awesome work man.


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