16 thoughts on “Screw you chrome 71 UI design”

  1. Yeah, how the fuck do you revert back? I don’t Waterfox for 99% of the time and only use Chrome for my Fakeaccounts so I have no idea how to use that shitty Browser!

  2. 1: Uninstall chrome

    ~~2: Find chrome version before 70 so 69 or 68.~~

    ~~3: Install old version of chrome and go to~~ **~~chrome://flags~~** ~~and set UI to whatever you want.~~

    ~~4:~~ **~~WINDOWS key + R~~**~~,~~ **~~services.msc~~** ~~then find “Google update service” (~~**~~gupdate~~** ~~and~~ **~~gupdatem)~~**

    ~~5: Double click both services and in the General tab set Startup type to “~~**~~Disabled~~**~~”~~

    ~~6: Download a good antivirus because google thinks that 70 and 71 are more “secure” even though they still store plain text passwords.~~

    7: Go to google HQ and riot.

    8: profit

  3. I’m right there with you /u/Zangrieff (nice username btw). I have been using chrome for so long now and I can’t tell you how many baffling changes I’ve seen over the years. This new crappy looking square UI, paired with the the much crappier looking, less usable bookmark manager change within the last 2 years or so have been some of the worst. I feel like I can see far less text on the tabs at the top of my browser now. Hell, even the settings page now is a mess. I used to know where to find all the shit I needed too. If chrome didn’t still save my old settings with my google account I’d be pissed because I wouldn’t know where to find anything on the settings page anymore.

    I feel like far too often google just changes things for the sake of changing things or knowing that something has been the same in one of their programs/applications/services for whatever period of time they deem “too long”. They seem to forget quite often the old adage/cliche “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Usability, functionality, and a good UI should always be at the forefront.

  4. What a crap design! It’s totally unnecessary to change the UI, must be someone up in the hierarchy has nothing better to do.

  5. You folks here are incorrigible, vain, and ludicrous.

    If you react to non-functional visual change to this absurd level, you may want to consider not using computers.

  6. Compact design, removing the option to use the compact design, and switching to a design that cuts corners for the reason of look over accessibility. That’s a real Apple move. I hope there is enough pushback to get a change.


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