Rails API + React JS tutorial by me!

I really love Ruby on Rails API's so I made a guide here --> [https://github.com/johncorderox/Rails-API-React-Tutorial](https://github.com/johncorderox/Rails-API-React-Tutorial)

that goes from downloading rails into a virtualbox + vagrant server so you can code in your own clean environment, as well as React JS. It goes through creating a basic rails model to connect to our react component as well as connecting them to make requests.

In the following days I'll beef up the tutorial with more photos, in-depth explanations and more gems like Rack::Attack and learning about caching, JWT's, and blacklisting IP's.

It would be awesome if you could star it and/or fork it. You can always contribute as well by just making a pull request. Thanks!!! Happy coding!!

5 thoughts on “Rails API + React JS tutorial by me!”

  1. This step – should we be in a specific directory when running it/

    Download Boostrap into the react directory:

    `npm install –save reactstrap [email protected]`

    The picture above it shows one directory, but the wording seems to say we should be looking for the react directory?

    (Sorry – I’m totally new to react).


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