PSA: Video Downloader professional Chrome extension hijacks / changes your Google search results

Recently, I've been getting simulated / fake Google search results that load in about a second after the genuine Google search results.

At first I thought I was just not used to Google ads anymore and tried to fix my adblocker, but then I came across this thread and realized (thanks to /u/Frellwit ) it might be Malware:

uBlock isn't working/isn't recognizing on Google Search from uBlockOrigin

Avast Free Antivirus didn't find anything, so I went ahead and turned off all my Chrome extensions to test them out one by one and found that the ' Video Downloader professional ' Chrome extension by was the culprit.

[Video Downloader professional ON](

[Video Downloader professional OFF](

Note: More than being annoying and adding in unnecessary search results I noticed that nonsensical results would keep popping up (as in, it would come up further down, no matter what the original search term was) - the malware inserted search results would often link to ' ' which is a site where you can buy shady backlinks, so I think it's pretty obvious in hindsight that backlinkskaufen**24**.com is forcibly linked to by Video Downloader professional which is published by startpage**24**.com.

Recommendation: Uninstall and avoid this extension, who knows what the next step in their plan to monetize the extension might be.

ps: This might not happen to all users, the only other mention of this manipulation I found so far is refered to here:

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