A simple introduction to Vagrant

Hello everyone!

Pleasure to meet you, and pleasure to participate for the first time in this subreddit.

I wanted to share my five cents about vagrant, so I wrote two simple small articles, directed to beginners. As I would like to improve, and as certainly there are ways to make a more comprehensive approach, any feedback is welcome 🙂

[https://hackernoon.com/devops101-infrastructure-as-code-with-vagrant-54337d6a148b](https://hackernoon.com/devops101-infrastructure-as-code-with-vagrant-54337d6a148b) => what is vagrant and how to setup the environment.

[https://hackernoon.com/devops101-itinfrastructure-54337d6a148b](https://hackernoon.com/devops101-itinfrastructure-54337d6a148b) => using Vagrant as an IaC tool, with a simple IT infrastructure scenario.

Good work!


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