19 thoughts on “How do I undo the new chrome that just auto updated today?”

  1. For iOS / iPhone

    Navigate to chrome://flags

    Change the following items from ‘default’ to ‘disabled’:

    * #ui-refresh-phase-1
    * #collections-ui-reboot
    * #infobars-ui-reboot
    * #new-clear-browsing-data-ui

    Restart the application and your Chrome will look good again. The new UI is terrible and I really hope they listen to the flood of reviews they’ve been receiving. Companies like Google can sometimes be headstrong and say they know what we want more than we do.

  2. Dude I know right, seriously fuck Google for making the most useless of all useless changes. Why try fix something that isn’t broken? If I want a firefox like UI, I’d go and install firefox. Google, don’t try to be something you are not.

  3. I swear to god that Google uses staggered distribution for this crap to make it harder for people to react negatively. Have a problem with your browser? Who fucking knows, Google decides when you update and they give us all different fucking versions at any given time lol, enjoy your gaslighting. Just about had it with this company, they haven’t done a thing I liked for the past 5 years.

  4. It’s sad that every update of practically anything these days is just god awful and I have to search for a way to revert or switch to another piece of software… when will UI devs quit ruining shit to try to justify their salaries?

  5. Is there a way to revert the dropdown menus in search bars too?

    I used to be able to middle click them to open a new tab, now I can’t and it’s driving me nuts.

  6. Honestly, could the search/omni bar get anymore obnoxious? It was obnoxious when it showed up on the new tab page and we couldn’t get rid of it, and now it’s this huge ridiculous drop down.

    This on top of the GMAIL redesign has me completely done with their shit.

  7. I just noticed that today, even after the fix listed here had been done in the past, google has forced the update once again… I checked in flags again and all of the available options for the ui are still wrong… anyone have any idea if the old layout is still obtainable?


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