I’m really impressed by Django

I'm preaching to the choir here, but coming from a Java, Spring Boot, and Play Framework background, switching over to Django and Python has been awesome. The admin tools that come out of the box save weeks of development time. The documentation is great, there's tons of well maintained packages, and build times are much faster (see: > 2 minute compile times). No regrets for my switch to Django!

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  1. I just started getting into Django, and like what I see so far. I’m coming from PHP and frameworks like Symfony, so I’m still learning.

  2. I’ve been Python developer for a while now, coming from Flask background I was amazed how beautiful and powerful Django is! I am developing my next project with Django.

  3. It’s been over a decade since I was a part of the Java web-dev contingent. Struts was on it’s way out, Spring was the new hotness, and Hibernate was the ORM.

    How does it look nowadays? Is there anything in the Java space similar to a Django, Rails, or Laravel?

  4. I made the switch from PHP to Django in the Summer of 2007. I think we were on version 0.97pre. I was first blown away by the insanely good docs and tutorial. Then I was blown away by the admin app. Etc. etc.

    The only thing I *didn’t* like was how the templating engine was missing features (deliberately, but for the wrong reasons), and how there was a variable evaluation bug that took them like 3 years to fix.

    OTOH, I fixed both of those in under an hour using MonkeyPatches. (I love me a good MonkeyPatch!)

    11 years later Django/Python/Postgres is still my hands-down favorite dev environment.

    Source: Certified Old Guy^® who started at the keyboard of an [IBM 029 keypunch](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Keypunch#IBM_029_Card_Punch) in 1973.

  5. I started as a .Net backender 11 yrs ago. In 2013 i started fulltime frontend and later moved to fullstack with nodejs backends and i’m telling you the JS world is just such a clusterfuck.

    I started learning Python/Django a couple of months ago and it’s like i fell in love with programming again.

  6. *high five*
    I did php before this and I was beyond reluctant to switch. But I have clearly been proven wrong considering it’s been 1+ year for me in django

  7. Django Doc is definitely its key asset. It’s a subtle mix of function references, tutorials, source code, examples, explanations. Very very well organised, readable, and easy to delve in.
    You look for something and you learns tons every time. That’s what make its strength IMO.

  8. Same here. I personally have a lot of experience with Python, but not so much with web-dev. The only web-dev experience I have is a little bit of PHP. Very glad to be using Django now, tho. I’ll definitely use either Django as much as I can going forward.

  9. Foreal! I went from knowing nothing about web development to deploying a Django site on AWS within a few weeks.

    The official Django Docs & Tutorials are the golden standard for what documentation should be. No stone was left unturned there.


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