I’m really, really falling in love with Ruby On Rails

I have to say. I've been coding for about 2+ years but more in the Node, and React space. I just feel so productive in Rails and Im still learning it. So I see there are more job postings for React over Rails but if a client was to ask me to build something from scratch I would most definitely choose rails.

I'm the type of person who LOVES configuration, and with Rails I won't fall into the trip of wasting time on stupid shit like that. Besides reddit, are there any large slack or discord channels with other like minded folks.

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  1. Welcome to Rails! This is why I don’t venture too far from ruby because almost daily I stumble upon a feature in ruby/rails that makes me think “wow, this is useful”. More often than not, I feel like I’m working _with_ ruby rather than _against_ it (looking at you, angular…).

    I enjoy react, ember, and more broadly, all the great improvements to ES6. But I never feel the need to diverge from ruby as my base language.

    Edit: base backend language. I know I can’t choose react OR ruby (in most cases :p)

  2. It’ll blow your mind when you can use all that Ruby coolness to whip on static sites with all the RoR knowledge too – check out Middleman.

    So sweet to use Ruby interpolation right in a webpage, Ruby helper methods, etc.

    Live server reloading built in, YAML front matter, write your own helper methods to access them, etc.

    A lot of sites don’t need a db and I wish I had tried Middleman earlier.

  3. Have you tried to put it in production. Man, deploying Rails app is very difficult. I don’t know why it has to be this hard.

  4. I’m in the same situation.
    Used to use ASPNET mostly and I switched half a year ago.
    I love Rails, and I honestly feel like I could be actually happy being in a job coding in this framework.

    * Sensible defaults/out of the box experience
    * Unit tests first
    * Code generation
    * Little boilerplate for the end user
    * Nice error messages for the end user in html
    * `ActiveRecord` aka any database one language
    * `ActionCable` aka websockets
    * `rails console` aka access/update your data on the fly
    * i18n
    * A ton of gems really well designed and unit tested.
    * Ryan Bates railscasts showing you how easy is it to do rails.

    Omg, so many good features that most MVC frameworks lack of! And it’s all builtin!

    And with webpacker you can stay up to date js wise. And it’s freaking easy to setup.

  5. You can use rails and react at the same time. I prefer to use rails as the backend for a react front end. I thing wrong with that!


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