Issues / Switching to Vagrant

I'm porting over from wamp/desktopserver to vagrant. So I'm new to nginx. My goal is to set up a newer/better/faster/more flexible wordpress site development environment.

I'm able to install virtual box and vagrant just fine. Every time I try to provision a new site I'm met with errors that force virtualbox to shutdown and destroy whatever progress to that point. It's odd because I'm following vvv's instructions to the letter and using their repository.

I can't seem to find much about this scenario online so I'm guessing its something glaring and obvious to seasoned "vagrantors". If someone might give the attached log a glance and point out where I'm going off the rails I'd be happy to chase down the solution.



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  1. First of all I want to apologise because I’m not offering a solution you desire. I use vagrant / vb in work but the environments are normally preconfigured and streamlined by our systems engineering team.

    I have been using docker-lando for our drupal projects

    So while you are waiting for a better response, this may tidy you over for the time being.

  2. Hey man, if you’re just after the dev environment not the experience of setting it up you can grab a machine from

    If not it might be worth skipping vagrant and looking at docker.

    I’ll take a loop at the repo anyway. Good luck


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