Would you benefit from a Django Rest Framework and VueJS tutorial?

Hi everyone,

I have been developing with Django and VueJS for years now and when I started out I had a rough time getting everything linked together and finding the best way to create SPAs. There are some tutorials available right now here and there, but some aren’t up to date with the latest versions and some are just incomplete. I also noticed quite a few questions about that here and on the subreddit djangolearning, which I have been trying to answer as much as possible.

I have had this idea in my mind for a while to build a step-by-step course on building Django and VueJS applications. Before I actually start working on this, I want to ask you:

* Would you benefit from a course like this? Basically holding hands from installing Django to building the application to deploying it.
* Would you be willing to pay for that? I would providing support to any issues you have during the course and keep it up to date with the latest versions. I am aware of Udemy, but this would probably be priced higher than the average Udemy course. I found that a lot of Udemy courses don't get updated and some that I bought weren't great with little to no support.
* Would you want a written version or a video version of this? Or perhaps both?

Again, I am not trying to sell anything here. I am just trying to find out if it would be useful to you. I don’t want to spend countless hours on building a course that no ones is going to use. As for the idea of the course, I was thinking of building a status page with realtime incident and uptime updates through the course, like you have probably seen with almost any tech company. Using Redis, Celery, Django Rest Framework, Django channels, custom admin forms and what not.



EDIT: since there is quite some interest, I have set up a landingpage for this to ~~collect email addresses. Of course, I will keep this spam free. I might ask your opinion every once in a while about content topics or something, but I will keep that to the minimum and you can always unsubscribe.~~ pre-order it. [Here it is!](https://courses.djangowaves.com)

18 thoughts on “Would you benefit from a Django Rest Framework and VueJS tutorial?”

  1. I’m interested in the topic, and appreciate your offer. I have found this [brief overview](https://youtu.be/C7oiYr4_NdU) of using Vue.js with Django useful. I probably wouldn’t pay right now, but I support you getting paid. I might pay in the future, however – so I’ll keep my eye on this.

  2. I would probably watch/read it if it was free, and then give you a couple bucks in the end when it was good, but i probably wouldn’t buy it, just because i had a little too many cases where the writer had no idea how to make a good tutorial and while getting a step by step tutorial helps you get off the ground faster, in the end i only learn stuff for real while hitting one problem after the other and googling my way through it with my own projects. And just to maybe shorten that learning curve a little bit is not that big a positive vs getting angry at bad tutorials i paid for.

    Not saying your tutorial will suck, just that i would probably not give it a chance when it costs something.

    (Also what i’m willing to pay after finishing a good tutorial outweighs the price i’d be willing to even think about paying in before by a lot)

  3. Yes! Definitely!

    I have a couple of years of django experience under my belt now so I don’t know how much use a full “here’s how to install django” tutorial would be but knowing how to tie it together with Vue would certainly be helpful.

    There was a reasonable coding for entrepreneurs video on YouTube that is for Django and React but he kinda skims through some stuff there that I didn’t understand, maybe that is more due to a lack of exposure to react and js in general though :/

  4. I really want to learn a django and vue combination. I’m pretty new to django, and have no Vue or REST experience.

    My problem is that I would be learning it as a hobby, my full-time job is not web related. In other words I don’t know how much time or money I am ready to commit to learning.

    Personally when I’m learning something new I like to start out with video series. But I also like having complete code examples in case things I get confused while following along with the video.

  5. I would be willing to pay. I would also really appreciate if you included some background knowledge about where/when SPA with django would be practical and not, and maybe a few different methods of deployment based on scale of project. I dont know how much i would be willing to pay, but i think anything $30 or under would be no questions asked. Over that i would prefer to wait on what others say about your course.

  6. Would appreciate something on secure authentication – this is a major stumbling block and many tutorials have plain bad/harmful advice such as storing tokens in localStorage.

  7. Yeah i would really appreciate it plus i would like if you told me about some resources that helped you in the process.
    I would appreciate it more if it were free though.

  8. I would! I use Vue and Django daily for work and have for the last few months. I don’t think I’ve found a tutorial that explores how they work best together.

  9. Yes. The only request I have would be for you to be very mindful of beginners, and as such, provide as little bias as possible, and point towards the official documentation for VueJS and Django. Too often Django tutorials get beginners to memorize how to do something instead of teaching them how and why things work.

  10. I’d pay for established best practices of solving most common but messy technical issues – authentication, mixing Vue with classic MPA templates, etc. Internet is full of basic tutorials.

  11. I probably wouldn’t pay, as there are many good free resources for all of that, even if it takes some work to piece them all together. I’ve also been chronically underemployed, and live in Eastern Europe, where 80$ is a lot of money. (I *could* afford it, but other priorities, I guess).

    I would probably benefit from one single resource that covers DRF and VueJS in a logical manner, however.

    I prefer reading to video, but both would certainly not be a bad thing.

  12. It would have to include some basic deployment. I am learning and I build following tutorials then struggle to deploy with the proper securty.

  13. If you leave out Django rest framework than yes I would read or watch it. I avoid anything that uses drf as it has been nothing but a major bottleneck and unmaintainable mess for any project I have come across.
    Also as long as you keep your front end nicely separated from Django templates. I have seen way too many howtos that reminds me of the good olde php days lol


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