The lifecycle of Rails developer

I've been working on a talk for another Ruby conference, and suddenly this classification came into my mind.

A specific Rails developer under a certain conditions can find no reasons to move through this lifecycle and be quite happy staying on phases 1 or 2.

I wonder what do you think of it. Looks like true? Completely incorrect? Missing something?

P.S. What phase are you on currently? ;\)

9 thoughts on “The lifecycle of Rails developer”

  1. I am on 4. I have found Rails is an excellent starting point. However, at some point you end up with a huge monolith and it become more and more difficult to maintain. Just depends on what your situation is.

  2. I’m 1 and 4. Rails is a tool. If it’s not working for you, you either are using it incorrectly or for the wrong protect. There is no software that’s one stop shop.

  3. I feel like it’s missing an outcome where “trying Hanami, ROM, DRY, Sinatra” results in joy ;\). That’s where I would be. Btw, I would also add “Roda, Sequel” there.


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