Author of marshmallow here. We need your help with marshmallow 3.0

Hello! I am the author of [marshmallow]( I'm here to ask for your help
with development on marshmallow 3.0, which is underway!

**What is marshmallow?**

marshmallow is a library for validating, deserializing, and serializing data. It's most commonly used to validate request input, deserialize to models, then serialize models to response data.

As web apps are increasingly API-driven, marshmallow has become a popular tool in the Flask ecosystem.

**How can you help?**

There's many ways to contribute!

Contribute brainpower:

* Comment on marshmallow's open issues, especially those labeled
[feedback welcome](
* Open an issue with an idea to improve the API.

Contribute code

* Open a PR to address any of the open issues, especially those labeled
[help wanted]( Check out the [Contributing Guidelines]( to see how to get started.
* Upgrade your codebase to marshmallow 3 beta. See the [upgrading

Contribute financially:

* Contribute financially on our [open collective](
* If you're using marshmallow at your company, ask them to [become a sponsor](

Thank you to everyone who decides to contribute. It means a lot to the marshmallow team.

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  1. Thank you guys for building this awesome tool! It has been extremely helpful and works well for my apps! Hoping to contribute soon!


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