Vagrant/Hashicorp tech support definitely needs improvement.

**Vagrant/Hashicorp tech support definitely needs improvement.**

I have a AMD 32gb RAM CentOS 7.4 desktop at home that I use for virtualization machine testing. 

I recently paid for and installed VMware Workstation and the Vagrant VMWare driver to use Vagrant with the machine for development and testing. I had been using VirtualBox but after all the flakiness I encountered running more than a five or six virtual boxes \(like locking up the out of the box CentOS video driver\), I decided to go back to VMWare since I never had an issue with it \(other than paying $149 for it\). 

So I install everything and I get a Vagrant VMWare diver error saying **"*****INFO interface: error: Vagrant encountered an unexpected communications error with the Vagrant VMware Utility driver. Please try to run the command again. If this error persists, please contact [email protected]".***  No use. Error keeps occurring. I email Vagrant tech support who tell me to re\-install the drivers, re\-install again, and again, then ask me two times for the version numbers of all the software I was using that I had sent to them when I first opened the ticket.

After five days of back and forth I said screw it and I put a virgin install of Centos 7.4 fully patched on my machine along with the latest VMWare workstation, the Vagrant VMWare driver and Vagrant. 

Guess what? Same error! Nice! Crap that won't run on a new install with nothing else on the box.

Long story short.. I found out that the Vagrant VMWare driver service kept aborting. Why? I don't know. Log messages were useless. I finally got the driver service to load manually and it must have done something in the background because now it runs consistently.

Anyway, moral to the gripe... think twice before spending any money on a Hashicorp product. While I love Vagrant and Terraform I don't think they are ready for prime time by any stretch of the imagination. 

By the way... I haven't had a follow up from Hashicorp support after I exhausted their pathetic guesses.

Please feel free to pass this on to anyone who might be interested.

2 thoughts on “Vagrant/Hashicorp tech support definitely needs improvement.”

  1. I have a former coworker who reported that he had all kinds of issues trying to run Vagrant\+VirtualBox on a system that also had VMware installed. All the other folks installing the same config \(without VMware\) on identical hardware and win7pro base os had no issues at all.

    You might want to pick just one of the two virtualization products and see if that helps any.

  2. I ditched Virtualbox because of the lack of support for nested virtualization. I write a lot of Ansible scripts and started using GNS3 wich uses its own VM to run the router and switch images. Virtualbox could not support that type of set up.

    When I get a few free cycles I want to see if I can get Vagrant working nicely with ProxMox since that is the virtualization engine my employer has settled on using to replace our ancient hardware. I’m looking forward to condensing a data center full of 2U and 4U servers in to one rack of 1U servers.


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