help: howdy is short for how do you do

I'm attempting to develop an application for a dumpster rental company to book, track, and bill jobs. I've been through Hartl's and UpskillCourse's tutorials, and I'm getting to reuse a lot that I've learned. However, I'm still wholly unprepared.

Could someone let me know if I'm on the right track?

I'd like users to be able to book an appointment by giving their address and rental dates. Jobs will be priced by base + duration + weight.

I've installed devise for user auth. Now, I need to make a model for jobs. I think I should make an entire resource for them and then make new jobs available to logged in users (address, start/end date) and editing weight to an admin user?

Still I think need to save

User has_many Jobs
Jobs belong_to Users

Then I can allow users to book appointments with a form for their address, dates, and a separate page for base payment with stripe?

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