Where is the CakePHP community?

I played around in the past with Cake when there was a version 1.x. I built a page and migrated or rather partly rewrote it to 2.x and 3.x. In the end it was good this way, because there were always things I could do better.

For a new project I tried Laravel and was impressed by Laravel itself and the ecosystem around it. The authentication component for instance seems to be capable of "more stuff" out of the box. The thing I was far more impressed by however was the community. There are newsletters maintained by people of the community, there is quite an active Medium community, the active sub here on Reddit.

When I started with Cake back then it seemed to be similar. A lot of active blogs, there was even a book published in Germany by a popular IT publisher. Right now it seems everything is gone or rather not up-to-date.

While I was thinking about on how to proceed, I decided to go back to Cake for my new project. I don't really know why. The few days I spent with Laravel are still helpful to me though, because I'm pretty sure I need to look up stuff in the CakePHP docs and will find approaches I've never noticed before.

But back to my initial question: Where is the active Cake community hidden? It's not that I have urgent questions. I'm pretty sure there would be always somebody on for instance StackOverflow being able to point me into the right direction. What I am asking myself is, where are the blogs where people are talking about their new plugin, their current project where they solved an issue in a certain way... Things like that.

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  1. Not very active on reddit, but there is a slack channel and stuff gets tagged on stack overflow. I try to answer stuff on stackoverflow but have fallen off lately, thanks for the reminder 😉 CakeFest is also coming up shortly. Core developers are still active on github. Check under the community tab on cakephp.org

    Laravel has certainly gotten popular a long with Symphony. I personally think its good to have experience in multiple frameworks.

  2. Hi! Generally the cakephp community is largely centered around the discouse forum and slack with only a handful actively using reddit – The core team is very active in getting new releases out and engaging with issues that pop up. I guess its a toss up of time – are Dev’s using CakePHP happily developing away or writing blog posts? We do encourage blog posts and sharing but a lot of the time it comes down to time availability. There are some tagged blogs to follow in the side bar of the sub
    [discourse forum](https://discourse.cakephp.org)

  3. I’m quite aware writing blog posts takes a lot of time. I also didn’t intend to criticise the people for not doing stuff I wrote in my initial post. Personally I’d most likely consider me as part of the problem too, since I don’t participate (yet).

    It was just something I noticed being different for other software/programming communities.

    Added the discourse platform to my feed reader and might have a look into the Slack channel, too.

    Thanks for your input.


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