3 thoughts on “Solomon Hykes, Docker founder, leaves Docker”

  1. blog.docker.com seems to be having a hard time right now serving all the people wanting to read the blog post. How ironic is that?

  2. He’s not completely leaving, though:
    > I’ve had many roles at Docker over the years, and today I have a new, final one – as an active board member, a major shareholder and, I expect, a high maintenance Docker user. But I will no longer be part of day-to-day operations.


    > To take advantage of this opportunity, we need a CTO by Steve’s side with decades of experience shipping and supporting software for the largest corporations in the world. So I now have a new role: to help find that ideal CTO, provide the occasional bit of advice, and get out of the team’s way as they continue to build a juggernaut of a business. 


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