Docker Cloud is shutting down

Just got this email:

>Dear Docker Cloud user,

>The services on Docker Cloud that provide application, node and swarm cluster management will be shutting down on May 21. Other Docker Cloud SaaS offerings, such as automated builds and registry storage services, will not be affected and will continue to be available.

>We know that this change presents an inconvenience in terms of how you will manage your containerized applications. To minimize the impact on your business, we will continue to provide support for any applications currently deployed in Docker Cloud until May 21.

And I just migrated my application to Cloud like a month ago because the docs told me it was a good idea 🙁

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    # What changes
    **How you manage your applications.** We are removing cluster management and the ability to deploy and manage Docker Cloud stacks. As part of the migration, you will no longer be able to:

    * Manage your nodes and clusters in Docker Cloud.
    * Deploy and manage applications from the Docker Cloud web UI.
    * Autoredeploy your applications.
    * Integrate users with other parts the Docker platform with their Docker ID.

    > **Autoredeploy options:** Autoredeploy is a Docker Cloud feature that automatically updates running applications every time you push an image. It is not native to Docker CE, AKS or GKE, but you may be able to regain it with Docker Cloud auto-builds, using web-hooks from the Docker Cloud repository for your image back to the CI/CD pipeline in your dev/staging/production environment.

  2. Is there an alternative that allows you to bring your own nodes? We use this extensively at my company, and migrating to something else is going to be a GIANT pain in the ass.

  3. We used kops to stand up a K8s cluster on AWS. It was really straight forward. The complexity of K8s really wasnt that hard to grasp with a little time. Took me a week to migrate. Now I’m loving the extra configurability of K8s and it’s far more robust ecosystem

  4. Can’t help but conclude that this was awfully badly managed by Docker. Tutum was a promising service with momentum. So they bought it up, rebranded it, then proceeded to cut all forms of support, pushed out a beta of the swarm version which contained circa 1% of the features. Then never really updated anything for years. It must have been clear for them, internally, that they were gonna shut this down since a long time…

  5. Could anyone summarize the reasons behind this service shutting down? I don’t know if Docker inc. has actually made the reasons publicly available.

  6. Does this mean Docker Swarm is de-facto end of life?

    I agree that k8s is better, but swarm is so easy to set up 🙁

  7. been meaning to migrate to ECS. I’ll double down on this now, for sure. Time to shoot from the hip and cowboy up. This week and next I’m going to do proof-of-concept testing of ECS, EKS/K8s, Kontena, and maybe another, and then make the final game plan..

  8. 2 months is a joke… sent them complains already, of course they don’t care about customers… who shut down a cloud system in 2 months? unbelievable… so much work to get out of that system…

  9. Docker Cloud (previously: tutum) was the best thing the company had besides the docker engine itself. It’s unbelievable how badly they botched this. Instead they tried to make their own shitty version for on-prem instead of investing into tutum (which itself could already be run on-prem! I saw a demo from Borja once and he was running the tutum platform from his laptop). The company is running itself into the ground.


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