Vagrant under Windows 10 with VirtualBox – cannot connect into from me established machine


I run Vagrant version 2.0.1 with VirtualBox v. 5.2.2 under Windows 10, all is more or less the latest version.
I created machine from image ubuntu/xenial64 (latest version 20171201.0.0).
I updated all the packages and installed there MongoDB version 3.4.0.
I also exposed MongoDB ports in Vagrantfile.
I have no problem to access the DB from the host machine.

Now I want to create a new machine from this one as follows:

vagrant package --output
vagrant box add mongodb
cd ..
mkdir mongodb
cd mongodb
vagrant init mongodb
vagrant up
Then I get repeating message "default: Warning: Authentication failure. Retrying..." until Vagrant says it won't connect. I can't

vagrant ssh
into the machine, but if I enable mongodb ports in Vagrantfile I can access DB.

This is the article I was following -, but still I check some other resources on the net as well as in the book Pro Vagrant from Wlodzimierz Gajda.

Is there another way how to create my own working and manageable machine?
Is it Windows host related problem?

Thank you

PS I asked the same question on the SO -

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  1. Not sure if the problem is still valid, but ran into a similar problem myself after upgrading to vagrant 2.0.1 and sharing solution.
    Apparently Vagrant started shipping ssh binaries which cause conflict if you already have ssh binaries in the path (i.e. from git for windows).
    A workaround is to use environment variable VAGRANT_PREFER_SYSTEM_BIN=1.
    See following link for more details:


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