– How to setup a reverse proxy with LetsEncrypt SSL for all your Docker apps

Another topic I found hard to pull together all the info into one place for... Get SSL out the box for all your docker apps. There's no excuse anymore!!!

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  1. Just about all my containers are made by and I’ve wanted to setup LetsEncrypt for a while (I’ve been buying a wildcard certificate like a cave man).

    My question is, how secure is it? I read another post where they made FreeBSD jails that used SSH keys to pull certificates to hosts. This is in the typical super easy to use linuxserver fashion of just turn it on and go.

    Is this ok to have straight on my network instead of isolating it? is this how everyone typically does it?

    I use a VPN to connect to my home when I’m out and about cause I don’t like the idea of running a collection of services on random ports (the article mentions this is something that can be done too).

    What is everyone’s opinion on it?

  2. Perfect timing, I had just finished rebuilding my docker host with new containers (plex, sonarr, plexpy and deluge, ones of course) and was thinking about building something like this but didn’t know where to start.

    Now I need to learn what docker compose does for me, I’ve been using docker create for all containers up till this point. Have to start the containers again manually after a reboot etc. Maybe after I get etc set up I’ll work on a snazzy portal for all the apps.

  3. Thanks for this!

    Now i have a question, I am using Cloudflare and it seems in the logs its stating its not validating.

    > “remote error: tls: handshake failure, (tls-sni-01): urn:acme:error:tls :: The server experienced a TLS error during domain verification :: ”

    I saw a few guides but it wasn’t docker related so not entirely sure what the next best step is.


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