24 thoughts on “Microsoft Engineer Installs Chrome Mid Microsoft Presentation as Edge wasn’t working”

  1. Microsoft isn’t weird about this at all. Especially if you’re working on something vastly different like the Microsoft Azure. These teams might not even be in the same city.

    Maaaybe it would be frowned upon if you were on the Edge team giving a presentation, but for the most part using Chrome wasn’t a big deal, most of us use it.

    It’s all about the tools that you prefer to use; I had a MacBook and an Android Phone and most of my colleagues did as well.

    It was one of the most common questions I got from family and friends when I worked there though. “Bummer you can’t use your Android at work, eh? lol”

  2. Lol it’s happened to me plenty of times as well.

    Edge is not working, I’ll use chrome.

    Chrome is not working, I’ll use edge.

    Both are not working, I’ll go outside.

  3. Even as a newbie web dev I couldn’t care less about Microsoft Edge (for PC). Edge for android is actually a pretty solid and feature-rich browser, but cannot say the same for PC.

    The PC version is a laggy experience that doesn’t even support something as simple as CSS polygons. I’ve had an awfully slow PC for years, and Edge really did perform better compared to Chrome and Firefox in the early days, although now it just seems unfinished and isn’t really much faster.

    However I do need to give Microsoft props for accepting feedback and actually caring a lot about optimisation.

  4. Oh that’s nothing. I was having issues installing a fresh out of the box install of W10, and got stuck on getting the file index function to start running. Jumped through tons of hoops, did everything I found on the net, and finally found a link that supposedly takes you to the page describing the fix. The page didn’t exist. When I searched the MSN forum posts, I found another person with the same issue. ‘Where is this particular page found?’. The MS Tech response? ‘Google it’.

    MS. Biggest bunch of ass monkeys on the planet. They’re the only company of coders that have some programs that index from 0, other programs that index from 1, and then some programs that will index from 0 or 1, depending on what other bits of MS hackware they’re interacting with. And you, the developer, have to know which is which and when and how you should know what the first item in your list or index starts with.

  5. As some one who works in IT for a big company, I use IE, Edge, Firefox, and Chrome.

    All web browsers should be the same, but between little differences and things like Flash and Java + lazy devs, different software works better in different browsers. This is an every day thing for me.

  6. Hilarious since Internet Explorer is still part of Win10. He really went out of his way xD Not sure this dudes getting another gig at a Microsoft presentation. Ignite of all places.

  7. i find with edge on my surface I get a wierd pages dont load as if I have slow internet. only switched to edge briefly for the better touchscreen controls and battery optimization

  8. why didnt they do what 99% of the rest of us do when we accidentally ‘open’ Edge: Kill it by hitting the X 33 times in rage, and go to c:\program files\internet explorer\iexplore.exe,?

    ( and then pin that shit to taskbar/start menu and delete any shortcuts to edge. Before taking a breath and calming down…)

    edit: this is on new windows 10, where you dont have chrome/FF yet.

  9. My first day on the job at a big software provider; they are running their software and a Powerpoint, and it is slow as molasses. The presenter asks a senior exec what to do; she says “Are you on our VPN? Yes? Ohhhh; get off of there-it’s painfully slow.” (You know, the VPN we provide for our customers? Yeah; that one.)

    I should have gotten up and walked out right there…


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