RoR installation SQLite3 issues

So I'm completely new to rails and ruby in general.

I'm on a windows machine and going through the setup process on [rubyonrails](

Instead of using the rails installer I opted to install rails via gem.

When I check for SQLite3 --version I get nothing so I got to [sqlite]( and download 64bit dll zip file and the tools zip file.
There are no instructions with what to do with these files after I extract them.

When I run SQLite3 --version nothing happens.

Some googling told me to put the SQLite3.exe and the dll into the system32 folder. I do this and run the version command. Nothing happens.

I then try gem install SQLite3 and it works. Now when I do the version command it is recognised.

But I am wondering what about the other files that were zipped up with the SQLite3 dll and exe. Where do I put them? Is my installation complete?

There is no info on this on the rails site or SQLite site I linked.

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  1. Yeah, so installing SQLite and installing the gem SQLite are two different things. One is the actual database, the other is a Ruby gem for talking to the database.

    At this point, you should be able to double click on SQLite.exe – that should start the database or being up installation instructions.


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