I’m at my wits end with a Vagrant error. Help is greatly appreciated

Hi all,

I have been trying to successfully install Metasploitable3 which requires Vagrant and Packer.

After unsuccessfully installing with the latest versions of Vagrant, Packer and Virtualbox, I tried to use older versions that were known to work.

I uninstalled and reinstalled so many different versions of Vagrant I have lost count. Now, I get this error, http://imgur.com/a/9LFRy

Per VagrantUp's website, they say to "Removing the user data will remove all boxes, plugins, license files, and any stored state that may be used by Vagrant. Removing the user data effectively makes Vagrant think it is a fresh install.

On all platforms, remove the ~/.vagrant.d directory to delete the user data. When debugging, the Vagrant support team may ask you to remove this directory. Before removing this directory, please make a backup."

I was wondering if the vagrant.d directory is one, even in Windows 10, and two not removed when uninstalled. This is the only possible solution I see so far. Any other ideas/advice is very appreciated. I have been working on this for many hours.

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  1. The vagrant.d directory DOES exist in Windows; you’ll usually find it in your User directory. It might not get removed on an uninstall. It might also be listed as “.vagrant.d”


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