Need advice on best resources for learning RoR quickly for intermediate developer.

I'm am considering revisiting RoR for a potential job and hoping to find some (preferably free) resources to get up to speed as quickly as possible. Beginner materials tend to turn me off due to spending much of their time focusing on basics that I'm already more than comfortable with.

I have a few years of dev experience under my belt. I've played with Ruby (v2) in the past and slightly dabbled in Rails 4. Most recently I've been using C#/.Net and Javascript (incl. Node, Angular, etc.).

I already have a couple of older but solid Ruby/Rails books (v2 & 4 respectively) which I plan on reviewing, but I would also like to get caught up on the latest versions and best practices. I prefer denser materials (in depth with minimal fluff).

Do you guys have recommendations that could help me out? Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Here are some resources that i would recommend for someone new to rails 5

    [1 Ruby on Rails 5 Tutorial by Michael Hartl](

    [2 The Rails Guides](

    [3 Railscasts by Ryan Bates](

    [4 12 Rails Apps in 12 Weeks](

    [5 – JumpStartLabs Ruby Materials](

    [6 – RubySource](

    Hope the above helps you to quickly get some hands-on rails 5 skills. Note that the Rails Guides are the primary and official source of Ruby on Rails features and practises. Check the Menu for guides on almost all aspects of rails development.

  2. Thanks for your replies! I’ve already started looking through some of them and look forward to the rest. TBH, when I made this post I was stressed to the max and fighting off something that’s been keeping my head in a fog. I’ve started writing some small apps and playing around real-time while checking out your suggestions. Thanks again, and keep them coming if you got ’em! 🙂

  3. I do have a colleague at Space-O Technologies, who is an experienced [Ruby on Rails developer](

    I sent him this thread and asked him to share some resources. He shared these with me. I hope it might help you.


    Lemme know if you want any other information from his side, I’ll ask him to contact you.


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